I think I want to become a Quaker

I’m serious.

My spouse and I have been talking about finding a spiritual community, but I’ve been having a really hard time with it, because I’m currently agnostic and I have major problems with some basic tenants of (most) Christian churches. My spouse is a little bit more “traditionally” Christian than I’ve become, in that he believes in God and Jesus and Heaven (I think), but doesn’t take the Bible literally and also disagrees with a lot of the discrimination that many religions promote.

We were looking at going to a “church” that meets at the local high school, called Bloom Church, whose slogan is “No judging. No politics. Just Jesus.” They claim that “We’re not sure how you feel about God, how much you know about the Bible or whether we agree on everything spiritual. And that’s fine with us.” But then their beliefs statement sounds remarkably like most other Protestant churches:

In a nutshell, we believe that there is a God, one God, who created everything. He created us as humans in his image, which means we are like him in many ways, yet entirely different. The cool thing is, he longs for a relationship with us – the perfect joined with the imperfect – and to be present with us today.

That is remarkable love.

We believe humanity was separated from God by sin. But that didn’t stop God. He still longs to be with us. God sent his son Jesus to die a brutal death in our place to ultimately cancel our debt in full to God. Jesus said, “It is finished.” And we believe he meant it.

That is intense love.

God simply asks that we accept his love for us through his sacrifice in Jesus as a generous gift that we could do nothing to deserve. And that act of recognition, we believe, changes everything for eternity. It consummates the love story and makes it our own.