Fest Recap – 3rd Weekend 2017

I missed doing this last week because 3rd weekend– Labor Day weekend– is three days, with only 4 days in between to recover and get stuff done. Now unfortunately I am struggling to remember it. So here are some quick highlights:

Saturday – We were playing our afternoon (4pm) set at Queen’s Pub, which has been rather hit or miss in terms of audience engagement and tips, and a woman, seeing my bodhran, asked us to play a song with bodhran. I only play it on like 2 of our songs just to give me something to do when there’s no flute/whistle part, and I’m not great at it, but one such song was coming up in our set later so we told her so. When we reached that song, one of my bandmates said something to the effect of, “I have good news… the next song has bodhran in it!” And then I said, “But I also have bad news…. I’m not a very good bodhran player.” People laughed, as was the intention, and the woman said she didn’t care, she just likes the bodhran and wanted to hear/see me play it. It was a nice interaction.

Sunday – My neighbor, P, visited. P lives across the street in a group home. He had expressed interest in attending, so I gave him 2 tickets so he and one of his staff could attend. I was glad I was able to do that, but P also has a tendency to overstep boundaries and is sometimes not great at picking up on subtle cues, which made for some awkward moments. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Later that evening, as I was leaving, I happened across the proprietress of Queen of Sheba, who was dragging a box of succulents-in-glass thingies from her shop to B gate. It looked like it sucked and I wasn’t in a rush so I helped her carry it. We had a nice conversation and then she gifted me with a small succulent thingy. This was completely unexpected, but I was very touched.


Monday – Everyone was tired. I drank a lot of coffee. It rained at about 5:00, so we skipped our 5pm set at Narrows Rock and hid out in a friend’s shop. The we tried to go to music jam but no one was feeling it so we gave up.

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