A Long Day of Extraverting Takes Its Toll

Yesterday we had our big study abroad fair. It’s a day that I’ve never particularly enjoyed, but before I got my promotion, it was a bit better. In my former job, I only had to talk to students, which is tiring enough already, but something I’m used to. Now, in my new job, I also have to play hostess to any of the partners I work with who come into town to participate in the Fair. So it’s a long day of extraverting: talking to tons of students, and even worse, playing hostess to FIVE people visiting to participate in the fair.

I’ve been fighting off a cold for a couple of weeks, and about halfway through the Fair, I started sneezing and coughing a lot. I thought it was just allergies from being outside in the wind all day. But by 3:00, I was absolutely EXHAUSTED. Then there was a “mandatory” happy hour after that, and then I had class. So I was at the U from 8am-9pm, and just exhausted. I had to get coffee after the happy hour (at which I only had water, no alcohol) just to get through class. During and after class I started to feel like I had a sore throat and have a headache and feel stuffed up. I hoped I’d feel better after a good nights’ sleep, but I woke up at 4am feeling even crappier, and knew I was not going to be going in to work today. Actually I ended up going in for like an hour to do a conference call that I needed to be at, and also to pick up my laptop so that I could do some work from home.

I still feel like crap even though I’ve been resting and drinking fluids all day. Just an example of how physical a toll extraverting can take on an extreme introvert like myself. It could have also been partly the weather, because it was a bit chilly in the morning, but for the most part the weather was pretty nice. I think all that finally ran me down enough that the germs I’d been fighting off overthrew my immune system.

Fest 2010: Fifth Weekend

Another great weekend…. this truly has probably been my best year at Fest ever.

This weekend I only went out on Sunday. I wasn’t feeling great on Friday night, and just as I was headed out to spend the night at my parents’ (who live close to Fest), the director of our troupe called and asked if I could perform on Sunday instead of Saturday because we were short musicians. That actually worked well since I wasn’t feeling great anyway – gave me more time to rest up so I didn’t succumb to the Fest Crud, and also to sew my new, warmer cloak.

Sunday ended up being warmer than expected, so I didn’t really even need the cloak, but still I was glad I had it. The morning was busy as usual. After post-parade I went to look at men’s shirts – I figured they’d be about $20 each, not much more expensive than making one, and I wanted to buy a red one for my husband for when he comes out again in a couple of weeks. Turns out they are AT LEAST $35 – no thanks! I’ll make him one, if I have time. If not, he can just wear his white or black one again.

I went for a stroll in the Enchanted Forest and took a few pics, then watched Four Pints Shy at 1:30 as usual. Chatted with the guitarist for a few minutes afterwards. During the show, a fellow pirate saw me from afar and waved… we always see each other and wave, but we’ve never actually spoken. I should rectify that situation before the end of the run. Actually he parked next to me Sunday morning too – I wonder if he’s a commuter? Most people camp so sometimes I feel a bit left out, but not left out enough to trade sleeping in a warm bed at my parents’ house for a cold, hard bed surrounded by bugs and drunk people in the campground!! But it’s always nice to meet fellow commuters.

Busy Week; or, Too Much E Time

I’m feeling very tired and kind of stressed and cranky today. I went to bed early last night – lights out by 10! – and slept fairly well, but I’m just exhausted. It’s because I haven’t had any down time this week, except a little bit on Monday evening.

Tuesday I had dinner with my girlfriends, which was fun, Wednesday I had class, and then last night we went to a birthday party and were supposed to go to my husband’s friend’s stand-up comedy show afterwards. My husband ended up taking me home before he went to the comedy show, though, because I was so tired and his friend wasn’t on until late.

Aside from class and the social stuff in the evenings, I had 3 solid hours of advising yesterday at work, and I have another 3 solid hours today, not to mention all week I’ve been worrying about the mold in the basement and finishing my warm cloak for Fest this weekend. I have to try to do that tonight at my parents’, because my sewing machine broke.  Ugh!!

I really want to go to Fest on Sunday as well, just to play and take come photos, but I think I need to take the day to get some alone time and also to work on getting rid of that mold.

Fest 2010: 4th Weekend

This weekend I only attended on Saturday. I really wanted to go out Sunday, especially given that the weather was gorgeous, and next weekend is supposed to be cold and rainy, but I just had too much to do (rid basement of mold, sew cloak, read for class, etc). Sadly I didn’t even get those things done – the mold project was too overwhelming and I didn’t even start, and my sewing machine crapped up after I sewed about an inch of my cloak, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it! ☹ I did get it cut out though.

But Saturday was a good day. It was busy, as we were scheduled for an extra show, and a bit difficult because our shows, except for the 9:30am one, were moved to Bad Manor Green instead of the Bear Stage. This was actually good in some ways, because we had a ready-made audience of all the people sitting in front of Ye Olde Saloon to eat, but it’s a pretty high-traffic area, so it was sometimes hard to concentrate, and also I had to try to play even louder then normal. That, combined with the wind, which is difficult for flute players, lead to a bit more physically taxing day than usual, but it wasn’t too bad.

During our one long break (12:30-2:15), I watched Four Pints Shy at Folkstone Pub while eating lunch. About halfway through lunch, I noticed that there was a dead baby mouse on the bench next to me. Appetizing! During the short break between our 3:30 and 5 shows, I caught a few more minutes of Four Pints Shy and did some general wandering about.

Fest 2010: Third Weekend

I can’t believe the run is already almost halfway over!! (There are 7 weekends, so after this Saturday it will be halfway.) This weekend was GREAT– possibly my best Fest weekend ever!!

Saturday hightlights:
–AWESOME weather – 70ish and sunny, with low humidity. WAY better than the 90+ degree, humid weather we had for the first 2 weekends!

–My husband came out on a Terpsichory day pass and he also brought our dog (Trip).

–Lunch, with my new picnic basket and wooden dinnerware (I got the basket and a few bowls at Good Will for $15– score!). We brought the basket over to one of the picnic tables by Mac’s, so we could say hi to the pirates and also get water from their cooler.

–Four Pints Shy’s 1:30 show at Queen’s Pub. We sat on a bench in the back, and Trip was really tired – he kept lying down in various places – in the middle of the floor in front of us (on his side, taking up practically the whole walkway from the entrance to the bar, so everyone had to step over him), on a warm stone in the sun, just outside the entrance (again, in everyone’s way) to on my skirt – very cute!! And it was a great show, as always.

–After our 2:45 show, a man came up and specifically said how much he had enjoyed the music, and in particular my flute playing – that was so nice to hear!! The spouse didn’t tell me I did well or anything, or that he was proud of me (I told him that several times after his duathlon…) and neither did my parents when they came out!  And my best friend came out for the last 2 HOURS of the day one day, using the free ticket I gave her, and didn’t even watch our show! But whatever. Anyway, it was nice to hear someone say they liked my playing. I know my parents and husband are proud of me, but it kind of bummed me out that the spouse didn’t think to say anything. Or buy me a flower.  *pout*

–During the break before 5:00 show, the spouse was getting cranky because he was tired. (I thought that might happen– he’s not used to the rigorous schedule of Fest. Plus, he’d had the guys over th night before and had stayed up pretty late, then had to get up not-too-late because I told him he needed to be out at Fest by 10ish– I mean, he was getting in on a free pass for “helping” us, i.e. wearing garb and carrying our sign out to our shows– so I thought it was only fair that he should at least be there for 3/4 of our shows!) Anyway he was tired, and he gets really cranky when he’s tired, so I suggested that we take a nap, so we found a shady spot and lay down on my cloak. I thought we should have put his sword between us, but since we’re married, it didn’t seem appropriate. Besides, no one would have probably understood the meaning anyway, and also we had the dog between us.  He lay down on the cloak for a little while, and rested his head on my leg, but he was too distracted by all the things going on, so I don’t think Trip actually slept at all. I didn’t either, but it was nice to lay there with my hat over my eyes, next to my husband and my doggie for awhile. The spouse did get a little nap in, and afterwards he said he felt much, much, better and that it was a good suggestion, so I’m glad we did it. I’m sort of hoping someone I knew happened by and took a photo, but I highly doubt it.

–After hours!! About half an hour after closing cannon, we went out to the car to change into civvies and move the car up closer. Then went to Jester’s Pub BBQ, had some GREAT food for a good cause (and cheap, at $5 a plate!) and watched a bit of the fencing tournament. Then walked back to the car, in the dark, with our flashlight, and came back to my parents’ for the night and pretty much straight to bed, at about 9:30.

Meeting With My Adviser; or, My Brain as a Shape Sorter Toy

I’ve just returned from the dreaded meeting with my adviser.

Seriously…now I’m really worried he’s going to make me add a section on literature or film or something… that’s not my area, and I don’t want to do it!! Ugh!! What is so bad about my plan that he has to meet me in person instead of email? I knew I should have switched advisers…

The purpose of the meeting was for my final project adviser to give me feedback on the outline of my final paper I had sent him. My Masters paper is on the Irish language and Irish identity, mainly Irish diasporic identity as the survey I conducted was limited to adult learners of the Irish language in the US. My adviser keeps trying to push me toward the more cultural studies aspect, but I want to focus more on the linguistic and psychological aspects. The last two times we met, he told me I should discuss how literature and film have shaped the Irish identity. An interesting questions, but just not really my area of expertise.

The meeting wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be. He seems to have given up on the idea that I should incorporate film and literature.  But there were still things about it that I wish had gone better. These things mainly have to do with my inability to articulate thoughts off the top of my head (i.e. in spoken conversation).

Words flow much more easily for me through writing, and typically need a little time to organize my thoughts and translate them into just the right words before releasing them to the world. So when my adviser pointed out (not entirely accurately) that two of my sources seem to have conflicting views and wanted me to talk about that, I proceeded to sound like a complete idiot.  First of all, I couldn’t remember one of the authors’ positions – one of them I remembered fine, but for the other one I had to refer to my outline to remember. Then once I did I stuttered out some incoherent crap and made a lot of hand gestures but didn’t really answer the question.