Fest 2012: Pics From the Pros

These are from Tim Koering:

Alice the Cook. She does cooking demonstrations and talks about spices, etc. I always love the photos of all of her period cooking implements.


Hangin’ With the Bard! These folks do a bit where patrons can play Shakespeare-themed Hangman with them.


These are from John Solberg:

I Arroganti, the Commedia dell’arte troupe. Love them!

Two Broke Blokes– Tom, our former guitarist is on the right.


A few from Ryan Haro:


And here are a few from the Closing Ceremonies, so to speak:
From Peter Verrant:

This was honestly one of the most meaningful moments at Fest 2012 for me. So glad someone got a pic!!

From Steven Hoff:

And our realm as it faded into the mists for another year…

Fest 2012: Final 2 Weekends

6th Weekend:
This was a one-day weekend for me, as I had a band concert on Sunday. That was good. I needed a break, as the Fifth Weekend Effect was still upon me. Saturday was chilly but not too bad. Not too much else to say about that.

Closing weekend:
It was excellent this year. I rested up on Friday (had the day off work) and planned to hit it hard on the last weekend and go out with a bang, and so I did. I participated in some of the social dances both Saturday and Sunday (dances where I don’t like the music—I stuck our violinist with it, since she’s big on playing melody for everything, she can play the crappy ones, too). I “talked” with Twig, our lovely famous fairy who communicates only through gesture, facial expression, and a pan flute. We did a repeat of the Butt Percussion bit with I Arroganti, except with double butts this time. All good times.

Closing day was great. Every year, the closing gate show on closing day is really more for the “inhabitants” of the realm than the patrons. There are special performances, lots of singing, and of course crying and hugging. Usually, my group and I don’t participate much in the closing gate show, and last year I even missed all the emotional stuff because we were off on the side doing our own thing. I didn’t like that—it made me feel like I lacked closure for the year.

This year was different. Our director got us into the closing gate show (!!) to perform the French sword dance, Buffens. I was a bit sad that I didn’t get to play flute for it (in front of the King and Queen and everyone else), but I had to provide rhythm. So I performed a vital but unglamorous function. Still, everyone seemed to be impressed with the sword dance, so that was fun and awesome for the group.