Maid of Honor Toast

It’s my best friend’s wedding reception tonight, and I have been procrastinating on writing my wedding toast for her. I finally wrote it this morning at work. I hope it’s good. I think it is.

K and I have known each other for twenty-five years, and have been best friends for nearly that long. Growing up, we sent countless hours together doing art, playing Barbies, going to Camp Coffee after school, talking about boys (and later girls), writing in notebooks to each other, traveling together, and even being roommates for awhile. In fact, during our time as roommates, we discovered the term “hetero life mate,” which Urban Dictionary defines as “best friends who are so close they know they will never part” or “someone of the same sex who you hang out with enough to consider your life mate…but not in a gay way.” We decided it described our relationship perfectly. It makes no matter that my hetero life mate turned out not to be hetero.

But as many of us know, friendships evolve as we grow older, and jobs, spouses, families, and other such adult obligations can make it difficult to spend as much time with our friends as we did when we were younger. There have been times that I have not been able to be there for K when she needed someone, but during the last couple of years, I’ve watched D help K through some difficult times, and I know that she’s well cared for.

So D, thank you for being such a wonderful partner to my best friend. K, I am so happy that you’ve found your true love. You’ll always be my best friend and hetero life mate, but I’m very happy to share you with your non-hetero life mate and lovely new wife. I wish you an eternity of love and happiness together. Congratulations.



I finally booked tickets for Ireland in November. I’m going to Limerick for work, because have a new relationship with the University of Limerick and our first group of students will be studying there this Fall. I’m also going to Dublin, hopefully, for a visit with a program that takes place over the summer on the Trinity College campus. Other than that, the rest of my time there (Nov 2-11) will be personal time!! Yay! I booked a hotel in Limerick for Nov 5-7, because my visit to UL is on Nov 6 (US Election Day!! gotta file my absentee ballot!!). I’ll probably book a hotel in Dublin whenever my visit there gets scheduled, but I think maybe I’ll leave my vacation time unscheduled. That’s really uncomfortable to me, but I feel like it would be a good idea. I have a lot of things in mind that I’d like to do, but I won’t be able to do everything, so maybe I should just see what moves me at the time when I am there.

Ireland Wish List:
-Go to Northern Ireland. This is a MUST. Most likely Belfast, though Derry is possibility. I’d also like to visit Armagh or Antrim (towns), since that’s where my ancestors (most likely) hailed from.
-Possibly visit the Giant’s Causeway.
-Hang out with a friend (who may or may not be stalking this blog). I think this one is on, too. (Right?) Just gotta work out the deets.
-Visit some sort of famine museum. Google tells me that the big one is in Co. Roscommon, which is nowhere near the main 3 cities I’m planning on (Limerick, Dublin and Belfast). There are also apparently ones in Portalaoise, which is partway between Limerick and Dublin, so that’d be handy, and also a cool one in Dublin that is actually on a tall ship.
-Go to a seisiún or two. Possibly join in????
-Visit the Granuaile Visitor Center in Co. Mayo.