This last week I took 4 young women over to a small village outside Arusha, Tanzania, to study there for a semester. Since the partnership with the on-site organization is brand new and this was our first crop of students, I accompanied them to learn about Tanzania and the program, and also to help smooth out any rough spots with the new program.

There were some rough spots.

The flight over was fine. There were no problems except that one of the students’ bag did not arrive. (It still hadn’t arrived when I left on Friday, so it’s likely she’s not going to get it back, but she’s pretty chill about it.) A driver from the on-site partner was there to meet us, no problem, and two of the students jumped into using their Swahili right away with the driver. They got us checked in and had left a snack for us in the cafeteria, which was nice. The door to one of the rooms (that 2 students were sharing) didn’t lock from the outside, so although they felt safe while in the room since it locked from the inside, they were slightly worried about someone (or, more likely, monkeys!) getting in to their room during the day. The woman at reception said they could either change rooms or wait until Monday morning when someone could fix it. Neither student was overly concerned, and they elected to wait until Monday. I was proud of them for being so low-key and flexible. The issue was promptly fixed Monday morning.