Fest 2012: 2nd Weekend

Sunday I went to Fest, and it was good. I wasn’t in the best mood– not a bad mood, but just kind of meh– so toward the end of the day I kind of lost some motivation. I was a bit frustrated because in my role as music director, I had assigned parts for every piece, in an effort to avoid “Who’s playing what?” before every song, and also to avoid having people play parts they don’t really know. That should not be done in a performance setting. But people kind of stopped following the parts I assigned, and there were several moments when someone was playing a part that really didn’t sound good, or that was a bit out of range on their instrument, or that just threw off the balance. UGH! So frustrating. I don’t mind people switching around a bit or (obvious) covering more crucial parts when we are missing the assigned melody player, but come on! Do they think I assigned parts just for fun? This is why I sometimes feel frustrated as a musician in this troupe.

Aside from that, though, Sunday was a pretty good day. It was hot, but that happens. I hung out with the pirates for while, which was very nice and fun and relaxing. They talk about guns too much for my taste, but they are all nice folks. I’m considering just getting a season pass next year and hanging out with them as a patron. I’m kind of sick of all the drama that can be associated with being on cast. But I also love feeling like part of the family/community, hanging around after hours, etc, so I don’t know. I also had the idea of starting a sea chantey singing group for next year, and that idea is still around, but we’ll see how I feel at the end of the run. We’ll also see what my life circumstances are next year– with any luck I’ll have a baby or one on the way, but then again that’s what I said last year.

Boudoir Photo Shoot

I had Saturday off of Fest, for my boudoir photo session. It was interesting and pretty fun. The day transpired thusly:

I arrived at the studio around 10am, and two stylists were there to do my hair and make-up while the photographer set up her equipment. The studio was in an old warehouse, in a fairly small room outfitted with a few props (a bit orange couch, a couple of wingtip chairs, a mirror, etc, and a little dressing room area. It had nice natural light, white-painted brick, and hardwood floors.

The stylists worked on my hair and make-up simultaneously, which was interesting. I also couldn’t see the mirror, so I didn’t know what they were doing until they were done, which was a bit strange. I liked my hair– just long and curled with some backcombing and hairspray to add body. The make-up was okay– she used a lot of black eyeliner, which I don’t usually do and would have preferred a more smoky-eyed look, but I decided to go with the professional’s discretion– perhaps the makeup needs to be more dramatic for the camera, I don’t know.

After they were done, I put on my first outfit (an off-white and pink babydoll chemise with my wedding shoes and jewelry, a more sweet/romantic kind of look) and we shot some pictures just with the white brick, hardwood floors and natural light. She kept asking me to “smile with my eyes” and breathe through my mouth, which normally I have no problem doing (smiling with my eyes, that is), but for some reason I feel like that day I had two expressions– laughing and serious. I guess I just felt a little awkward trying to fake certain expressions for the camera.

Fest 2012! Opening Weekend Recap

Fest 2012! Opening Weekend Recap

I’m finally getting around to recapping Opening Weekend.

It was good. Really, really good. We had amazing weather (mid-70s and sunny), and things went remarkably smoothly for opening weekend. Yes, there was a huge CF at the entrance Saturday morning, and yes, we were a bit rusty with some of the harmony parts and also remembering repeats, so there were a couple of mishaps with music. But by the end of the day Saturday, we were getting back into the groove, and there weren’t really any major problems within our group or with Fest management. Amazing!

I did have a garb malfunction on Saturday—one of the straps on my bodice came unsewed, and when I went to get my needle and thread to repair it… I couldn’t find my needle. So I had to safety pin it for awhile. But later I happened to randomly find my needle, so I shored it up for the rest of the day and reinforced it Saturday night when I got home.

Besides my needle, I also managed to lose my site pass and my fan on opening day. Crikey! Luckily, some kind soul had turned in my pass at the information booth, and the front gate people know our group so they let me back onsite without the pass until I could retrieve it. Yay! I never did find the fan, but out of the 3 things I lost, that was the most expendable at the time.

Circus Juventas, again

Friday night I went to see Circus Juventas again, sooo good! I noticed a few differences, like they added some filler in a couple of spots where they were changing equipment and there was a big of a lull the first time I saw it. Amazing show. I’m really glad I decided to go again, even though I went alone and it made me stay up late the night before Fest opening. And my seat was much better too! I sat in the back row, which are the cheap seats, but the view is actually really good, especially for the aerial stuff. AND there’s a nice grate/railing thing behind the seat, so I could kind of lean my back on it, instead of the other seats that have these very short back supports that don’t even come up to mid-back.

I also saw one of my fellow musicians from our dance troupe there! It looked like he was on a date so I didn’t approach him, but I saw him from afar and he saw me too, so that was kind of cool. We chatted about it a bit on opening day. He’s a really cool guy and great at the guitar– very glad he joined the troupe.

So anyway, I took some videos. They’re from my phone so they’re not the best, but they’re okay.

Stagecoach robbery
Cool strappy things. No idea what it’s called.
Two Man Hand Balance
The guy in this was a huge part of why I enjoyed the show so much! :blush: I looked in the program and he’s in high school. I think this is the first time I’ve ever been attracted to an underage guy (I mean, besides when I was also underage ;)). :doh:

Unfortunately my phone battery died at the end; I liked the two-person balance and thought this scene was really quite beautiful and sexy, but I actually would have preferred to film the Four Man Hand Balance performed by the 4 guys that come in at the end. And NOT (only) because they’re all shirtless, either– they performed some truly amazing feats of strength and balance.


Well. Well, well, well. What to say about Showdown…. other than IT WAS AMAZING!

WOW. I am so glad that I bit the bullet and went to this show. It was honestly the most beautifully choreographed, exciting, inspiring, mesmerizing, SEXY performance of any kind that I’ve seen in a long time. I liked it so much, I NEED to see it again. It’s almost sold out and I am super busy between now and closing night (Aug 19th), but I bought a ticket to go again next Friday! Too bad my spouse can’t come with me, but the only time we could both go would be tonight, and even then he could only go for half of it, and there were no more seats available. So next Friday it will be.

Some background, because this organization is just amazing:
Circus Juventas is a youth circus school in St Paul that focuses on the artistry and athleticism of circus to inspire confidence, teamwork, and artistry in youth. It’s like Cirque du Soleil, but local, non-profit, and with youth! Amazing.


I’m Badass!

This weekend was pretty fricking awesome. Saturday we went to a wedding reception/open house (very informal) for two of Rob’s coworkers who recently got married. Then we went to a birthday party for the spouse of one of my coworkers. We rode the motorcycle to the birthday party, because it was in Uptown, where it is always impossible to find parking, and also there was an art fair going on that day so we knew it’d be even worse than normal. It was only my second time riding on the bike, but I did fine. I’m actually starting to kind of like it. It was awesome to quickly and easily find FREE parking (unheard of with a car!), and I did kind of love that when we showed up with our helmets, my coworkers said it made me “even more badass than I already am.”

Yesterday we had brunch with my parents and my brother and sister-in-law. YAAAAY! So awesome to see my little bro.  We went on a quick motorcycle ride with my parents while the bro and SIL had to run over her parents’ place for awhile, and that was pretty awesome.  Then I had Fest practice/performance at an event put together by Can Do Canines, a local group that trains service dogs. So not only was practice fun (PERFECT weather!!), there were adorable dogs everywhere. Dogs are seriously the best ever. I regretted that I hadn’t brought my dog with me! Then after practice, it was back to my parents’ house to shower, then we went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. Yummmm! Then home to the spouse and pup for pack cuddle time while watching True Blood and Newsroom. Very nice weekend.