What a crap day….

This morning: first I notice that unexplained charges have appeared on my credit card. Luckily, I called the bank and I think that will be resolved easily and quickly.

Then, I called to schedule the physical therapy prescribed to me by the TMJ specialist I went to see, to whom I was referred by my dentist. Along the course of scheduling my PT, I learned that since TMJ is covered by my medical and not my dental insurance, I need a referral from my physician, not my dentist, in order for the expenses to be covered. What? How was I supposed to know that? Who goes to the doctor for TMJ? So now, I’ve already had the mouthguard made, but I had to call retroactively to get my doctor to give me a referral so I don’t have to pay the entire $1000+ cost of the mouthguard, and also to give me a referral for the PT. She’s doing it because she’s super awesome (loooove my physician!!), but…. my God! Insurance complications, so annoying….

The worst part of all of this is that it required me to make two phone calls.

In other news, tonight I need to clean the house and would like to sew a chemise to complete my new Fest garb. Tomorrow, 3 hours of Deadliest Catch— 2 hour season finale + 1 hour of After the Catch. The last 2 episodes of After the Catch have had some quality Josh Harris interviews/footage.  Looking forward to more of the same tomorrow!

Boudoir Consult

Had this a week or so ago. It was nice because she scheduled it at a coffee shop that is literally like a mile from my house. I’d never been there before, but it was a nice place. Will have to go back. I was planning to walk or ride my bike down there, but then my friend invited me over to see her new place afterwards, and while that is still in St Paul, it’s a bit further so I decided to drive. But still, it was cool– I had that consult meeting, then I went to buy tickets to Circus Juventas because it was near my friend’s house, then I went to her place, all without leaving St Paul! How awesome is that!

Anyway, back to the consult. It was still kind of awkward, because while the coffee shop was almost empty, it was very long, narrow, and quiet, so I felt like wherever I sat, either these two dudes that were there or the barista would overhear our conversation. I decided I’d rather have the barista overhear than two random guys though, so I sat near the counter. Some old guy came in later and sat at the table right next to us, though, so I’m sure he heard the entire conversation. But whatever.

So then the photographer, April, showed up, and showed me a little video of her work. We talked about the process and she asked me some questions like what is my style/fashion sense like, what parts of my body do I like or not like, and which parts does my husband like. The style question was easy enough… romantic, slightly vintage/Victorian/Steampunk/Renaissance, with some edginess for contrast. I like my hair; don’t like my bum or stomach. Husband likes my hair and eyes… I don’t know, I guess he likes my butt too but I really don’t understand why! Then again, I’ve never really understood the appeal of butts. (But I do like his, so I guess….)

We then talked about the process… I’m supposed to send pictures of make-up and hair styles that I like to my “style team” (sounds so fancy!!). The price of the photo shoot includes full hair and make-up, which was a requirement for me because I am not good at doing those things myself! I thought about doing the cheaper package that didn’t include that, but as long as I am doing this I figured I should do it right.

Boudoir Photos

I think I’ve decided to do this for my husband’s 40th birthday, so I wanted to post about the experience in my blog, since it could certainly be an interesting one for an introvert.

I scheduled a consult with this photographer. The phone conversation was a bit awkward. It was almost like she wanted me to take the lead in the conversation. The website is pretty informative, so I didn’t really have any questions and didn’t know what to say. I was kind of expecting that most of her clients are nervous and don’t know really how to proceed in this situation and that she would kind of have some prepared information or procedure. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because I am frequently awkward on the phone, anyway. We scheduled an in-person consult/(exchange of down payment) for tomorrow evening, so maybe that will go better. I hope so. I’m a bit nervous.