Fest 2012: 4th Weekend

This was a really, really rough weekend. Still fun, but holy crap I was tired!! The main reason is that, although I had Friday off from my “real” job, we had a party for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary on that evening, so I spent the day cleaning and getting ready for that and didn’t really get any rest. And then of course stayed up late for the party.

The party was really fun, lots of my parents’ friends came, but it was a lot of people I didn’t know, and all my parents’ age. It was actually pretty exhausting, so luckily everyone went home by 10:30.  It was only about 3 hours in the end, but I was BEAT afterwards!

Also, my brother got into town on Thursday night (at 11pm!) for the weekend, so I was up late Thursday night with him. It was totally worth it to see him and have him there! He stayed in our guest bedroom Thursday and Friday nights, and then I dropped him at my parents’ on Saturday morning on my way to Fest, and he came out later. I thought he would get there a little earlier, but he didn’t get there until about noon. And then he came barefoot (what??) and of course they wouldn’t let him in the gate that way, so I had to wait while he walked all the way back to his car to get his shoes. At least he didn’t complain about it. 😛

It was fun having him around, but again, I’ve decided I don’t love having people tag along with me as part of the troupe. He did that for awhile and I could tell he was bored. I gave him my camera to take some pics, but I guess I should have explained how to use it, because even though I saw him looking like he was taking pics, there weren’t any on there when I looked later. Not to mention it was hella dusty, so that was probably unpleasant…

But we stopped by and saw a few people that he knew, including his best friend/ex-girlfriend. She turned out to be a lesbian and was his “best person” at his wedding. She’s actually the one who got him his first job at Fest, even before I started working out there, and then got me my first job, too. So I left those two to hang out for awhile, without me, and that was good, I think. He got home later than I did; she must have gotten him an after-hours pass so they could stay and talk; I was so tired I went right back to my parents’ and was asleep before he got home. That was kind of sad because then I was at Fest before he got up the next morning, and then he went home. But I’m used to not seeing him, I guess. It was nice to spend some time with him.


Fest 2012: Labor Day Weekend Recap

Three days is a marathon. Usually, I take one of the days off from Fest, but not this year! I did arrive a bit late Sunday morning, because my spouse was with me, but other than that, I was there pretty much from 8-8 all 3 days.

It was the first weekend of Romance Wars, and the person assigned to ‘hit’ me seems to be going very much over the top… Romance Wars is not designed for actual matchmaking, it’s basically a Secret Santa type deal just to pass the time at Fest. It’s not supposed to cost a lot of money either—inexpensive things and making things is totally allowed, so I hadn’t planned on spending a lot on it. But on Saturday, I was hit with 2 blue leather roses—very beautiful! I expected that to be the end of it, and even that was more costly than I’d expected, but on Monday I was hit again, with a goblet from my favorite shop at Fest, Garden of Luminaria. Their stuff isn’t cheap. It’s a beautiful mug, but I felt a bit awkward about receiving it. I hope the person on the other end isn’t expecting actual romance on the other end… it’s made explicit in the rules that that’s not the purpose of the game…

It also made me feel a bit stingy about my hit. Although the person hitting me is not the same person I’ve been assigned to hit (the Gnome!), I still wonder if people in general are spending more money. My first hit on the Gnome consisted of some honey sticks and a sweet note. It cost me about $1. Ugh!

The other notable thing about the weekend was my spouse being there on Sunday. I have pretty much concluded that I don’t like to have people there with me. It’s fine if they are there and we hang out for awhile, but I don’t like to bring them as a guest and have to entertain them or wonder if they are bored hanging out with the Troupe all day. I’m very, very jealous of people whose spouses or significant others have their own occupation at Fest—I’d love to have my s.o. out there to dance with me, have lunch together, carpool, visit each other during the day. Most people in that situation met at Fest, though, I think. And I don’t even think my spouse really likes coming out that much at all. He likes it for a few hours; he wouldn’t even be a season pass holder (partly because he works most weekends, but even if he didn’t, I don’t think he would). That depresses me sometimes.

I’m actually thinking of just being a season pass holder next year. Or working in a shop. I was going to try to get a shanty-singing group together, and I might still. But I am pretty sure I will not be with my current troupe again next year. I’ll write more about that later…