A Day in the Life of an Introvert

10:00 am:

Time for a meeting. Meetings are interesting experience for me. First of all, I prefer to sit and absorb, thinking things through before I speak up. It may seem to some that I’m not engaged or have nothing to say, but that’s really not the case. I just think things through before I say them, and sometimes I realize the point is moot or the idea won’t work before I say it, so… I don’t say it. Other people think aloud, and that’s fine, but it’s not me. Also, if someone else makes a point I was going to make–and this happens often because others are more forceful speakers than I am–I don’t repeat it. Some people feel the need to make their point whether it has already been made or not. Maybe they want the credit, I don’t know. I just don’t see the point. But just because I don’t speak up and don’t insist on the credit, it doesn’t mean I don’t have good ideas, which I think sometimes is what people assume.

12:00 noon:

Lunch time. Trying to be eat healthily, I decide to go to Subway to get a sandwich. But when I arrive at the sandwich shop, not only is the line extremely long (typical), but even worse, there’s someone I know in it! Someone I know, but not well enough that I have anything to say to them besides “Hello.” Evaluating the length of the line and how likely it is that I’ll have to have an awkward conversation with this person, I conclude that I’d rather sacrifice my nutrition than subject myself to this situation. Instead I elect to go across the hall to the pizza place, where the line is much shorter and blissfully lacking in people I know.

1:00 pm:

It’s my general advising shift today. Thankfully, it is a scheduled shift, so I at least know when I have appointments and at least have an idea of what the student wants to talk about. This is much better than drop-in advising, which is 3 hours of IxxJ Hell, in that it involves conversations with strangers on an impromptu basis. Still, 3 hours of even scheduled advising leaves me exhausted.

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