Wednesday, Nov 7:

Travel from Limerick to Dublin, then just walked around Dublin for a bit.

Thursday, Nov 8:

Visit to USIT in Dublin, which runs a summer program that we send students on. This is actually the last summer we are affiliating with them, so it was a bit awkward, but still a useful visit. I guess.

G and I had coffee with the director of the summer program, in the morning, then she showed us Trinity College. We missed the last tour of the morning, so she gave us vouchers to go later in the week. She suggested some activities for us to do in the meantime (visit the Yeates exhibit at the National Library, go to the National Museum), which we did before we met up with her again for dinner. Dinner was also awkward because it was noisy and hard to talk, and also because she didn’t actually eat dinner but insisted on paying for ours. Awwwwkwardddd!

Bell Tower at Trinity

Oliver Goldsmith statue at Trinity College

National Library… we spent like 2 hours there at the Yeats exhibit. And neither of us even like Yeats.

Friday, Nov 9:

Visit to IES Dublin. Very useful and informative. Great program, awesome staff.

Saturday, Nov 10:

Free day in Dublin. We did the Trinity College tour, went to the bookstore (I bought children’s books– one in Irish and one with Irish legends), went to Bewley’s for coffee, and generally just walked around. Went to O’Neill’s Pub for dinner and drinks, as it was my last day in Ireland.

G and me at Trinity College

The Tart with the Cart… otherwise known as Molly Malone. (The tart is Molly Malone, not me. I mean she’s the one showing her boobs!)

O’Neill’s Pub in Dublin

On Sunday, obviously I went to the airport and headed home. You clear US customs at the airport in Dublin, which was odd and I didn’t know ahead of time. It therefore took a lot longer than I thought, and even though I got to the airport 2 hours before my flight, I only just got to the gate before they started boarding. Good to know for future reference.

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