Fest 2012: 2nd Weekend

Sunday I went to Fest, and it was good. I wasn’t in the best mood– not a bad mood, but just kind of meh– so toward the end of the day I kind of lost some motivation. I was a bit frustrated because in my role as music director, I had assigned parts for every piece, in an effort to avoid “Who’s playing what?” before every song, and also to avoid having people play parts they don’t really know. That should not be done in a performance setting. But people kind of stopped following the parts I assigned, and there were several moments when someone was playing a part that really didn’t sound good, or that was a bit out of range on their instrument, or that just threw off the balance. UGH! So frustrating. I don’t mind people switching around a bit or (obvious) covering more crucial parts when we are missing the assigned melody player, but come on! Do they think I assigned parts just for fun? This is why I sometimes feel frustrated as a musician in this troupe.

Aside from that, though, Sunday was a pretty good day. It was hot, but that happens. I hung out with the pirates for while, which was very nice and fun and relaxing. They talk about guns too much for my taste, but they are all nice folks. I’m considering just getting a season pass next year and hanging out with them as a patron. I’m kind of sick of all the drama that can be associated with being on cast. But I also love feeling like part of the family/community, hanging around after hours, etc, so I don’t know. I also had the idea of starting a sea chantey singing group for next year, and that idea is still around, but we’ll see how I feel at the end of the run. We’ll also see what my life circumstances are next year– with any luck I’ll have a baby or one on the way, but then again that’s what I said last year.


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