Boudoir Photo Shoot

I had Saturday off of Fest, for my boudoir photo session. It was interesting and pretty fun. The day transpired thusly:

I arrived at the studio around 10am, and two stylists were there to do my hair and make-up while the photographer set up her equipment. The studio was in an old warehouse, in a fairly small room outfitted with a few props (a bit orange couch, a couple of wingtip chairs, a mirror, etc, and a little dressing room area. It had nice natural light, white-painted brick, and hardwood floors.

The stylists worked on my hair and make-up simultaneously, which was interesting. I also couldn’t see the mirror, so I didn’t know what they were doing until they were done, which was a bit strange. I liked my hair– just long and curled with some backcombing and hairspray to add body. The make-up was okay– she used a lot of black eyeliner, which I don’t usually do and would have preferred a more smoky-eyed look, but I decided to go with the professional’s discretion– perhaps the makeup needs to be more dramatic for the camera, I don’t know.

After they were done, I put on my first outfit (an off-white and pink babydoll chemise with my wedding shoes and jewelry, a more sweet/romantic kind of look) and we shot some pictures just with the white brick, hardwood floors and natural light. She kept asking me to “smile with my eyes” and breathe through my mouth, which normally I have no problem doing (smiling with my eyes, that is), but for some reason I feel like that day I had two expressions– laughing and serious. I guess I just felt a little awkward trying to fake certain expressions for the camera.


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