Circus Juventas, again

Friday night I went to see Circus Juventas again, sooo good! I noticed a few differences, like they added some filler in a couple of spots where they were changing equipment and there was a big of a lull the first time I saw it. Amazing show. I’m really glad I decided to go again, even though I went alone and it made me stay up late the night before Fest opening. And my seat was much better too! I sat in the back row, which are the cheap seats, but the view is actually really good, especially for the aerial stuff. AND there’s a nice grate/railing thing behind the seat, so I could kind of lean my back on it, instead of the other seats that have these very short back supports that don’t even come up to mid-back.

I also saw one of my fellow musicians from our dance troupe there! It looked like he was on a date so I didn’t approach him, but I saw him from afar and he saw me too, so that was kind of cool. We chatted about it a bit on opening day. He’s a really cool guy and great at the guitar– very glad he joined the troupe.

So anyway, I took some videos. They’re from my phone so they’re not the best, but they’re okay.

Stagecoach robbery
Cool strappy things. No idea what it’s called.
Two Man Hand Balance
The guy in this was a huge part of why I enjoyed the show so much! :blush: I looked in the program and he’s in high school. I think this is the first time I’ve ever been attracted to an underage guy (I mean, besides when I was also underage ;)). :doh:

Unfortunately my phone battery died at the end; I liked the two-person balance and thought this scene was really quite beautiful and sexy, but I actually would have preferred to film the Four Man Hand Balance performed by the 4 guys that come in at the end. And NOT (only) because they’re all shirtless, either– they performed some truly amazing feats of strength and balance.


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