What a crap day….

This morning: first I notice that unexplained charges have appeared on my credit card. Luckily, I called the bank and I think that will be resolved easily and quickly.

Then, I called to schedule the physical therapy prescribed to me by the TMJ specialist I went to see, to whom I was referred by my dentist. Along the course of scheduling my PT, I learned that since TMJ is covered by my medical and not my dental insurance, I need a referral from my physician, not my dentist, in order for the expenses to be covered. What? How was I supposed to know that? Who goes to the doctor for TMJ? So now, I’ve already had the mouthguard made, but I had to call retroactively to get my doctor to give me a referral so I don’t have to pay the entire $1000+ cost of the mouthguard, and also to give me a referral for the PT. She’s doing it because she’s super awesome (loooove my physician!!), but…. my God! Insurance complications, so annoying….

The worst part of all of this is that it required me to make two phone calls.

In other news, tonight I need to clean the house and would like to sew a chemise to complete my new Fest garb. Tomorrow, 3 hours of Deadliest Catch— 2 hour season finale + 1 hour of After the Catch. The last 2 episodes of After the Catch have had some quality Josh Harris interviews/footage.  Looking forward to more of the same tomorrow!


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