I finally booked tickets for Ireland in November. I’m going to Limerick for work, because have a new relationship with the University of Limerick and our first group of students will be studying there this Fall. I’m also going to Dublin, hopefully, for a visit with a program that takes place over the summer on the Trinity College campus. Other than that, the rest of my time there (Nov 2-11) will be personal time!! Yay! I booked a hotel in Limerick for Nov 5-7, because my visit to UL is on Nov 6 (US Election Day!! gotta file my absentee ballot!!). I’ll probably book a hotel in Dublin whenever my visit there gets scheduled, but I think maybe I’ll leave my vacation time unscheduled. That’s really uncomfortable to me, but I feel like it would be a good idea. I have a lot of things in mind that I’d like to do, but I won’t be able to do everything, so maybe I should just see what moves me at the time when I am there.

Ireland Wish List:
-Go to Northern Ireland. This is a MUST. Most likely Belfast, though Derry is possibility. I’d also like to visit Armagh or Antrim (towns), since that’s where my ancestors (most likely) hailed from.
-Possibly visit the Giant’s Causeway.
-Hang out with a friend (who may or may not be stalking this blog). I think this one is on, too. (Right?) Just gotta work out the deets.
-Visit some sort of famine museum. Google tells me that the big one is in Co. Roscommon, which is nowhere near the main 3 cities I’m planning on (Limerick, Dublin and Belfast). There are also apparently ones in Portalaoise, which is partway between Limerick and Dublin, so that’d be handy, and also a cool one in Dublin that is actually on a tall ship.
-Go to a seisiún or two. Possibly join in????
-Visit the Granuaile Visitor Center in Co. Mayo.


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