Unusual Experiences

I’ve been thinking lately about some things I’ve done that are relatively unusual. Here are some:

-Had a book published
-Visited a doctor in a foreign country
-Traveled to Moscow alone (in December!)
-Been a member of a hung jury
-Had my wisdom teeth extracted without general anesthesia
-Zorbed in New Zealand
-Floated through glowworm caves
-Kayaked through a mangrove grove to a bioluminescent bay
-Eaten cow lung
-Held a koala
-Eaten zebra
-Dated someone more than 20 years older than me
-Snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef
-Sat in front of the Mona Lisa for several hours
-Had a picnic in a freeway cloverleaf


One thought on “Unusual Experiences

  1. The Almighty Awesome G. says:

    Jealous of most of these.

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