Taping the Flag to the Wall

The last couple of nights I’ve been reading through some old notebooks that my BFF and I used to write notes to each other in middle and high school. We’d use the same notebook and pass it back and forth, so the notes and their responses are contained in the same notebook. It’s like reading two diaries intertwined. There are about 45 notebooks total, I think. I have all the even numbered ones, and she has all the odd.

Today I read a note that I wrote about something touching and funny that happened in math class. The story goes like this:

I sit next to J.W. in math and my desk is right under the flag, so every time I stood up the flag would be on my head. It was really annoying, and one day J.W. had masking tape in his pocket and he taped the flag to the wall!

Ha! I’d forgotten about that, but I remembered it as soon as I read it. That was a funny and nice thing to remember.

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