New Zealand: Part I, Vacation

I got back last night from my 2-week trip to New Zealand. I have this weird sensation of simultaneously feeling like the trip went really fast, but that I’ve been gone forever. This always happens to me when I travel, but it’s still a strange sensation!

The first part of the trip was vacation, then work. My spouse came with me for the vacation part. Sadly, we lost 24 hours of our vacation time in NZ due to flight delays in Minneapolis and Dallas, which kind of sucked. But we ended up spending an afternoon in LA with a friend of mien who lives there, so that was okay.

On Monday morning, we arrived in Auckland at long last. We had lunch, checked in to our hotel, then caught the ferry to Devonport, a small island outside of Auckland. It was a very nice ferry ride and a nice little town. We were pretty tired, though, so we had dinner in the room and went to bed early. Tuesday we walked around the entire city of Auckland. We found this cool park where it looked like parts of demolished buildings had been used to create art (either that, or the rest of the buildings are underneath the grass at the park…?). We couldn’t find any explanation of the art at the park… I still need to google that! We also visited the Auckland Museum, which had a lot of cool Maori/Pacific Islander historical and cultural artifacts. Very cool museum! We tried to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, but of course everywhere was super expensive, so we just ate at the hotel.


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