The Cousin Saga: The Beginning

My 21-year old cousin’s fiance finally kicked her out. I was hoping they would break up, and he’d been threatening to kick her out for quite awhile, so I figured it was inevitable. On Saturday she called me from a shelter in southeastern Indiana, saying he’d kicked her out and she was trying to get back to her home town, which I like to refer to as Hickville, IN. I told her if she wanted to come up here and stay with us for awhile, I’d get her a bus ticket. She seemed to want to go back to her town, though, so I let it go.

Yesterday morning I woke up to a text message from her, asking if she could come and stay with us for awhile. I said of course, and hold her if she could get to Indianapolis or Cincinnati, I’d get her a Megabus ticket from there. She said she could get to Indy, so I let it go at that. I assumed she had someone who could drive her to Indy, maybe someone from the shelter or a friend.

This morning, I found out that she was planning to WALK to Indianapolis, which is 100 miles from where she was at the shelter! I wish I’d have known that earlier; I’d have told her to go to Cincinnati, which is only about 25 miles from where she was. Still a long walk, but better! Or she could have taken a Greyhound from a small town nearby and then taken Megabus from Indy… but by the time I found this out, she was well on her way down the road to Indy. I can’t really call her a cab, because she has NO money and I don’t think a taxi service would take my card over the phone, plus now she’s just randomly on the road somewhere. I feel awful; I should have asked how she planned to get to Indy or just told her to go to Cinci. I should have done more research when she told me what town she was in; if I’d have known there was a Greyhound station there, that would have solved a lot of problems.


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