No wonder some kids are so bratty…

I really, really hate the commercial for Travelocity where the kid is running around an empty hotel swimming pool in a floaty toy because her dad “didn’t book with Travelocity, so no one told him the pool was under contstruction.” Yes, I’d be pissed if that happened to me, sure. But the next line in the commercial is “Quick, somebody get her a pony!” and that absolutely makes me physically nauseous. Yes, absolutely, great idea– teach our kids that they should get large, extravagant gifts when things don’t go their way.

Ironically, the kid in the commercial seems to be having a grand old time in the empty pool.

The holiday season in general gets me incensed about spoiled children and consumerism. Christmas carols coopted into jingles selling everything from toys to cars, ads showing people getting/giving over-the-top gifts like new cars, jewelry commercials implying that all women are interested in is gold and diamonds, toy ads aimed at kids so that they’ll beg their parents for all the new, expensive, and typically useless toys they see on TV…. it’s all disgusting. I’m *so* not letting my kids watch live TV…


One thought on “No wonder some kids are so bratty…

  1. The Almighty Awesome G. says:

    For some reason I’m not able to “like” this post, although I really want to, I havent seen the commercial but I totally agree with what you’ve said and I think it is clear enough what the pitch is.

    Although the ads all hold out an illusion to the adults watching them, that parenting is easy or can be made easier, just buy our product, “satisfaction guaranteed” as the much older and less sophisticated ad men used to peddle.

    Consumerism is cross generational and adults who spoil children are generally contaminated with the same sort of spoiling themselves. There are the shared ideas about immediate gratification, having rather than being modes of existence and stuff like that.

    Good to read your post since I dont see or hear of many people sharing my own response to things of this nature.

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