More Reasons My Boss is Awesome

Yesterday was our big, annual study abroad fair. As an introvert, this is an event that basically makes me rue the day I was born. It consists of hosting affiliates from out of town, talking to a lot of students, and networking all day, and in the past it has included a mandatory happy hour after work. Luckily, this last part was nixed this year because everyone is always exhausted after the fair. This is good, because last year, I got a really nasty cold after (well actually, I started feeling sick DURING) the fair, and by the end of the day I was feeling pretty crappy, but I still had to go to the stupid happy hour, and none of my affiliates even showed up.

This year, the career fair on another part of the campus was also taking place, and we were supposed to have a booth there, so our Marketing people were asking for a couple of volunteers to duck out from our fair and staff that table. When I got that request, I considered for a bit whether it would be better, worse, or the same as our fair. In the end, I decided it would be better, for these reasons: 1) It would be quieter, as we usually don’t get a lot of traffic at career fairs; 2) I could bring my laptop and get some other work done while there; 3) There would at least be two half-hour bus rides to get to and from the other part of campus where I could get a little bit of down-time; 4) At the career fair, I would only have to talk to students, which is easier and less draining than networking/making small talk with affiliates and 5) At least the career fair would be indoors. (Last year it was nice and sunny out and we had our fair outside, but it was still quite chilly, which contributed to my getting sick, I’m sure. This year it ended up being rainy so our fair was moved inside anyway, but I signed up for the career fair ahead of time, so I didn’t know ours would be inside.)

So anyway, I signed up for the morning shift at the career fair, which was cool because I totally did it to cut down on the amount of extroverting I’d have to do during the day, but most people didn’t want to be away from our fair, so I got major brownie points for volunteering to do it! I later found out that the person who took the afternoon shift was none other than my boss, and when I commented about it to her, she said, “Yeah, I haaaaaate our fair, so when I saw this chance to get away from it for while, I volunteered right away!” I was like, HA, me too! And she mentioned at least not having to network, and mentioned that at least there are two half-hour bus rides, and we both laughed because we were so much on the same wavelength. She’s INTP, I’m almost sure, or maybe ISTP, but it’s awesome having her as my boss because we understand each other so well.


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