Fest 2011: Fourth Weekend

Fourth weekend, really? That means the season is more than halfway over! When did that happen? Hooo boy, the Fest Withdrawal is going to be bad this year… watch this space for morose musings and moping in about a month!

I had to leave early on Saturday (3pm instead of after 7) because one of my closest friends is pregnant and it was her baby shower. I was actually glad to leave because it was really hot on Saturday (though nowhere near as hot as we had the first 3 weekends last year), but let me tell you, I fricking hate baby showers! I don’t know why, exactly. Right now it’s partly because we’re trying to get pregnant, unsuccessfully so far, but I’ve always hated them. But it was nice to see my friends, and there was good food (ice cream sundaes for dessert!!) so it was okay.

Sunday was a very fun day out at Fest. The Queen Mum came to dance with us! She’s so crotchety and funny (and actually played by a man). The other highlight of my day was singing (and drumming) random songs with Tom the guitarist outside of Front Gate at closing time. There was a Cabriolet team listening to us, and the guy told us he felt like he was at a Flogging Molly concert. Ha! We were nowhere near that good (especially me– Tom’s an accomplished guitarist, but I am NOT an accomplished drummer!), but still it was a nice compliment.


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