Labor Day Weekend

Saturday and Sunday, with the help of my parents, we attempted to paint the exterior of our house. It really needed it; the paint was peeling badly and there was bare wood in some places. We asked our neighbor, who’s lived in his house for 20+ years, and he said the last time our house was painted was 8-10 years ago, so yeah, it was time for a new paint job.

Also, we didn’t like the color. Or rather, part of the color. The house was mainly white (fine) with forest green shakes at the top. Ugly. So we decided to paint the green part a nice blue-grey.

This was an interesting experience. First, we powerwashed the house earlier in the week. This removed a lot of peeling paint, but we still had to do a LOT of scraping on Saturday. This included standing on a 22-foot ladder, and somehow, I ended up being the one to do most of the high ladder work. This is ironic, because I actually have nightmares about climbing up a ladder and then being afraid to climb back down it. It was fricking scary. But I did it. It was a bit like riding a bike, actually– at first, I made my dad stand at the bottom of the ladder and hold it the entire time I was up on it. In time, he let go without my noticing, and I realized I was okay.  Actually, once I got to the point on the ladder that I was standing and scraping and/or painting, it was okay. Climbing up was the hardest part.


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