Fest 2011: Second Weekend

Oh my gosh this weekend was awesome! The weather was perfect on Saturday, and many fun things happened throughout the day. We taught two of the big puppets one of our dances and had them dance it with us, which was soooo funny and awesome! My parents happened to be there, and I gave my camera to my dad to take pics, and he took a few of us, but none of the big puppets dancing. What! Thanks a lot, Dad! I kept trying to signal him to take pics, but he didn’t see me. Grrrr! I hope someone got pics/video…!

We also made a little tour around the Fest grounds, and stopped to do dances for a couple of shops. They really seemed to enjoy that, and being out on different parts of the grounds than we normally see was nice. It worked well.

At one point, I gave Marusia (the 4-year old daughter of two of our adult dancers) the sticks to play during one of our songs, and after that she wanted to play them or the tambourine every time, going into our director’s pouch to get the sticks out or taking the tambourine from her belt. So cute! She was also very curious about my flute, and I sort of tried to teach her how to make a sound, but it’s hard to explain to someone how to do it, especially someone who is 4 years old. 🙂 But I showed here where to put her fingers (although she couldn’t reach all the keys at the same time). Later in the evening, she got bored with the instruments and I gave her my little brush/mirror (it’s the size of a compact, and opens up to a mirror on one side and a round, pop-out brush on the other) to play with. She thought that was pretty fun, and proceeded to brush my hair with it for at least half an hour. At one point, she said, “Long, pretty hair!” Awww, such a cutie! Then she was trying to braid my hair and put it in a ponytail, and brushing her own hair… it was really adorable.


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