Random Musings on a Friday Morning

It’s Friday. Work is boring. I want to be at home!

Many exciting things coming up. First, of course is Fest this weekend. We’re supposed to have great weather (again!!) so I am very excited. Also, I gave comp tickets to several of my coworkers, so I should see a few of them out there this weekend. I like the idea of my work people seeing me in a completely different environment, partly because my role in that environment is, I think, completely unexpected to most given my demeanor at work. They don’t expect a quiet, reserved person to dress up in funny clothes, play music and SING in public, and play a silly part-pirate character.

I like doing things that challenge people’s perception of me. There was an essay in our high school newspaper that I will never forget, written by this really cool senior (I was a sophomore at the time, I think) about challenging people’s pre-conceived notions of who you are. He said, “Everyone has their own pre-conceived notion of who you are. They’re never right. Show them. Make them think you could leap tall buildings in a single bound if the thought occurred to you.” One of the best compliments I ever received (I can’t even remember who said it now, and I’m not sure it was intended as a compliment) was “Every time I think I have you figured out, you do something completely unexpected.”

One of my favorite coworkers is coming to Fest on Labor Day, which is also her and her wife’s wedding anniversary (same-sex marriage is not yet legal in MN, but I attended the wedding and it was every bit as legitimate as any other wedding I’ve ever attended). I want to work with the guitarist in our group to serenade them with a love song. I can’t decide what song, though. I have music for the love theme from Romeo & Juliet (the 70s movie version), and I think that would sound really lovely as a flute and guitar duet. But it also kind of has tragic overtones, so maybe I should pick something more uplifting. I don’t know. I have time to give it some more thought.


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