MBTI Debriefing at Work!

I’ve been looking forward to this for months… years, actually, since the first time we did the MBTI at work, a few years ago, I was out of town the day of the debriefing. We have a lot of new staff, so we just did it again and we had the debriefing last week. It was great! The test we did was called the MBTI Step II. Basically, that means that it splits each function up into 5 attributes, so “Introverted” can really mean 5 different things: Receiving, Intimate, Contained, Reflective and Quiet. An Introvert can be all of these things in varying degrees, or only some of them (like not all Introverts are quiet, for example), and it also splits out your “outliers” (attributes that normally are outside of your type), so it alleviates the tendency, a little bit, to assume that all INFJs or whatever are exactly the same. For example, my results are as follows:

Whereas my Step I results type me as “just” INFJ:

My Step II results are much more specific:

Same result, but much more in-depth, and it explains why, although I am a feeler, I really don’t feel very compassionate sometimes, and although I’m a J, I am pretty relaxed about things that change at the last minute, or go wrong, don’t need most things on a strict timeline, etc.

My F result is really strange– I score more on the T side on all attributes except Tough vs Tender, and yet I am typed as an F. I asked the facilitator about that, and I didn’t quite understand the response, but she said that can sometimes happen, because certain questions are weighted differently and there’s an algorithm that determines the type. Being Questioning, I’d really like to know the details on how it works, but I trust the test.


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