Australia Visit, Day 2-3

In the morning, I got up to go back to the airport and meet the Week 9 (Macquarie University) students, and also inquire about my suitcase. It still wasn’t in, and a couple of the students were missing bags as well. But, it was over 24 hours for me, so I got 100AUD. Sweet!

We took the students back to the hostel so they could shower and relax for a little bit, before going to the first program session. I went early to the program session by cab with Ross so I could buy a few toiletries at Woolworth’s before the session started, so I did that and that, and when I got back Ross introduced me to Shane, the program presenter. He is a lifeguard, actor and model, so a bit of a local celebrity, not to mention a “real” Aussie, so he’s a great dynamic personality to get the students jazzed up.

After breakfast, we had the Academic program session. It started out with a bit of fun in the form of a Vegemite eating contest (glad I didn’t have to participate in that one…) and then launched into the serious stuff, about Australian academics, university facilities, joining clubs, volunteering, goal setting, etc. They did a really good job, and then after the serious part, there was a presentation by Beau, who works for a company called Mojo Surf that offers really cool learn-to-surf weekends for students. Beau was cool and super energetic, and his presentation started out with a bit of information on surf/ocean/beach safety before the plug for their trips.


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