More Thoughts on Jury Duty

I’ve been thinking more about my experience on jury duty. Yesterday, one of my colleagues asked me about it. I’m almost sure this colleague is an ISFP (in fact, I think she even confirmed this when we did the MBTI at work a few years ago). She was saying how she didn’t think she’d be good at jury duty because she’s not good at making decisions. This got me thinking; of the 12 jurors, there were 7 of us who never changed our minds (well, one of those 7 did at the very end, but he didn’t vacillate). The other 5 were really on the fence the whole time, and most of them changed their minds several times. I was thinking about all of our personality types, and I think probably most of us non-vacillators are probably Js, where as the vacillators probably were mostly Ps. I don’t think the divide was 100% J vs P, but I’d be willing to bet that was a big part of it.


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