Jury Duty: Day 3

We actually started the trial on Tuesday afternoon at about 4pm. That was annoying, because my spouse was supposed to pick me up at 4:30, when we were supposed to get done. But we didn’t get done until 5, and of course I had no way to contact him. On that day, we heard the beginning of the first witness, the arresting officer, KD.

Wednesday morning we heard the rest of KD’s examination, his cross-examination, and his redirect. He told us that the defendant, DH, who was accused of hiding his girlfriend, DJ, when she was wanted for a robbery.

According to KD’s testimony, the police got a call at 9:23 am saying that an old man had been robbed (of an amount between $30 and $383, but probably about $300) in his apartment building. They responded and talked to the victim, JV, and the manager of the apartment building, AM. They got security video from the elevators and the entryway (he specifically said there were NO cameras in the stairwell) and from these videos were able to determine a suspect. While they were there, another resident of the building came into the office and turned in a wallet he had found in one of the stairwells, which turned out to be JV’s wallet, with his ID in it but no cash. Then they went to the Salvation Army across the street, and people there told them that the woman they described from the security videos had been in there shortly after the robbery and had dropped a wad of cash accidentally, and was bragging about ripping off an old man. These people gave the police her name, DJ, and said that she had seen her boyfriend, DH across the street and went out to meet him, and that they had walked toward the house where they live with DH’s mom, about 2 blocks from the Salvation Army. The people at the Salvation Army described the house (they didn’t know the address), and the cops looked for the house, found it, called for backup, and knocked on the door.

When they knocked, DH opened the door and they asked if they could come inside and talk. DH stepped outside, closed the door, and said No, we can talk out here. It was cold and January, so the cops found this suspicious. They asked if he was alone, and DH said no, there was a female home. They asked if the female was DJ, and he said no, and they asked if DJ was there, and he said no. They said DJ was a suspect in a robbery and asked if they could come in and verify, and DH said no. The cops told him they could get a search warrant, and he said, fine, get a warrant. At that point, a female came out of the house and identified herself as LB. She called upstairs and DJ came down. She was wearing the same clothes as in the security video and willingly gave up the 5 $20-bills she had on her person, hidden in her underwear, from the robbery. She was arrested, DH was arrested for aiding an offender, LB was cited for possession of marijuana, and another male who was at the house was arrested for an outstanding felony warrant. They all went down to the station.


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