Closet Project

We’re building a walk-in (sort of) closet in some of the unfinished attic space next to our bedroom.

It will be the first and only real closet in the house. Our house was built in 1925, which I love, but old houses weren’t big on closets, so we just have a couple of big wardrobes. It’s fine for now; we’re basically using the second bedroom as a big closet, but when we have a kid, we’ll need that room for a nursery. So we need to get our clothes out of there.

We were going to hire a contractor to do the closet for us, but my husband’s friend offered to help us instead. He’s really handy had has done a lot of renovations on his own house, and his work is seasonal, so he has a lot of free time during this time of year. So we basically just had to buy the materials, and it’s been very affordable! I was hoping to actually be able to help out with the work, but unfortunately the weekend we did the bulk of the project, I caught a really bad cold and could hardly do anything. But I was able to observe and learn a little bit about how to do this kind of stuff. And once the framing was done, my spouse and I did the insulating on our own, since that wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle.

I also acted as the official project photographer.  Here are some pics of the project:


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