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Last night was the first session of my Final Project Seminar class for my Masters program. This is the course in which we write the final paper and give our presentation (kind of like a defense, but more to peers than faculty members) at the end of the semester, and then we graduate.

I was really excited to start this class last night, for several reasons. First of all, obviously, I’m really excited to graduate in May! I’ve been working on my Masters since 2006, taking one class per semester, and although I’ve enjoyed it a lot, I’m really ready to be done. I’m glad we have this final seminar in my program – some people in my office are in a different program, and they just take thesis credits this semester, do their original research and write their papers in consultation with their advisers, but not really with a set schedule. I’m not good with self-motivating like that – I need a firm deadline and someone to hold me to it. (Also, I can’t believe they are going to do research AND write the paper in one semester! I finished my research over the summer, and then started working on a draft, so that I had a 50-page draft ready before the final seminar even started. This is encouraged in my program, so almost everyone in my class had already made similar progress. Over the course of the semester, we will flesh out and polish our papers, not write them, really.)

I was also excited because I had a previous class with prof who is teaching the final project seminar this semester, and in fact she helped me a lot with developing my critical question and thesis statement, as well as the survey I used for my research. I like her a lot, and she’s now the director of the program as well, so that’s cool.

Actually, I wish the professor teaching this class—her name is DonnaMae—could be my adviser. My adviser, Nick, is a very nice guy, but I don’t think he really “gets” my project, and I don’t think he’s a good fit as my adviser. He’s a writer, and the program staff suggested I ask him to advise me because I didn’t really have another professor in mind, and they said they thought he could “wrap his head around” my project. Even after my first contact with him, I felt like he wasn’t a great fit, but I decided to give it a try, and now even though I feel like it’s not working, I feel kind of stuck with him.


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