Happy New Year!

It is an Irish tradition to clean the house on New Year’s Eve, in order to star the new year without all the dirt and clutter from last year. I’m trying to revive some Irish traditions in our household, and I’ve been doing this for the past few years. It’s a nice idea. I thoroughly clean the house, and at the same time try to reflect on the past year and let go of any grudges, hard feelings, etc. That part is harder than dusting and vacuuming, of course, but still, I think it’s a nice tradition.

This year for New Year’s Eve, after cleaning, we went to two events. The first was the annual party our friends have at their house. It is a family-friendly event, and we were one of only 2 couples there who didn’t have kids. Consequently, there were about 10 kids under the age of 5 running around– it was crazy but awesome. We also got to see our other friends’ new baby, Alanis – she’s just a few weeks old and soooo precious! It was funny to see my husband’s rough, tough friend (the baby’s uncle) holding her and cooing over her. He caught me looking and said, “You want one of these, don’t you?” Yeah, I do.

After that party, we proceeded to our second event. My husband got us tickets (2 for the price of 1!) to a fancy event at one of my favorite places in Minneapolis, International Market Square. By day, it’s a interior design showroom (or rather, a conglomeration of many showrooms), but on the weekends and evenings they sometimes hold special events there. I fell in love with the place in middle school, when the youth orchestra I was in used to play concerts there. Such a beautiful space. I have some lovely memories from there. It’s also nice because it’s near downtown, but not RIGHT downtown, and there is a (free) parking lot. That was good, because it was really cold and windy that night – I was glad we didn’t have to walk far from our parking spot. This is us, all dressed up:


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