Some of my favorite lines from Star Trek

Dr. Elias Giger: I haven’t done anything wrong and I won’t be hounded by you and your soulless minions of orthodoxy!

Benny Russell (aka Sisko): Tell me, please. Who am I?
The Preacher: Don’t you know?
Benny Russell: Tell me.
The Preacher: You are the dreamer… and the dream.

Odo: There’s enough poison in this bottle to kill twenty Cardassians.
(Weyoun picks up Dukat’s glass and drains it.)
Gul Dukat: Wha-?!
Weyoun: (chuckling) Oh, my! That is quite toxic, isn’t it?
Gul Dukat: Are you insane?
Weyoun: The Vorta are immune to most poisons. Comes in very handy when you’re a diplomat.

Garak: Truth is usually just an excuse for lack of imagination.

Ziyal: It should be obvious, even to you, Damar, that I am not a true daughter of Cardassia!

Worf: I am a graduate of Starfleet Academy; I know many things.


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