End of Year Retreat a Success!

Yesterday was the End of the Year Retreat (aka holiday party) that I helped plan for the office. It went well, I think! We had some problems with the venue (like they were impossible to contact to arrange for the food, the food was late coming out, and then we ended up having to order extra food because the amount they suggested for 40-50 people was not enough), but other than that, things went well. The food may have been late and insufficient in quantity, but it was pasty and pretty healthy, compared to what we’ve had in past years. We had a build-your-own sandwich bar, salad bar, plus fries, chips and artichoke dip, and soda. We also had candy and (really good!) cupcakes, something that had been lacking in years past, when we’d had no dessert. (Seriously? What kind of party is it with no dessert??)

After the food came out, we had the one organized game, called Screamo. It’s a dice game and there is a commercial version of it, marketed as Flip-Oh if anyone is interested in how to play. It was a success! We had to kind of pull teeth to get some people to play, but we got it done and once we started, I think everyone had fun – several people commented that they enjoyed the game. The winner of the game (person with the lowest score) got a nice calendar as a prize, and the person with the highest score got…a Justin Bieber calendar!! The great thing is that the highest score was one of our student workers,  a 20-year-old male. Ha! It was awesome – everyone, including the guy, laughed.


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