This Is Your Introvert On Alcohol

I had a funny experience a few weeks ago. A friend(-ish… more of a friendly acquaintance, I guess) of mine from Ren Fest has a band outside of Fest, and I’d never gone to any of his shows. Finally there was one I could make it to, and I convinced my (ESTJ, I think) friend, Sarah, to go with me. So we got to the bar, found some seats at the bar, and ordered some drinks. Shortly thereafter, my friend, R, from Fest saw me and came over to say hello. He’s an INFP (self-proclaimed), and we said sort of an awkward hello and had a sort of awkward, brief conversation. It was probably made even more awkward than usual, due to the fact that I had a slight crush on him at the time, but it would have definitely been awkward anyway.  Presently, R announced that he had to make the rounds (an exit strategy!) and moved on. Sarah and I proceeded to chat (we’re close friends, so not awkwardly!) and consume our drinks.

After his first set, R came back over to talk to us again. He had a can of PBR in his hand, and by that time, I’d had at least one glass of wine. I wasn’t drunk, but I was definitely disinhibited. We then proceeded to have a very animated, not-at-all-awkward, and even (gasp!) personal conversation about Fest, while Sarah looked on, a somewhat astonished expression on her face.  It must have looked strange to her, as an E, but I knew exactly what was going on. Get a little alcohol into an introvert, especially two INFs, and we start spewing out all the feelings we don’t know how to express when we’re sober.

We’re not technically supposed to drink at Fest, since we’re part of the cast, but I think I might have to imbibe just a little each day next season, for communication purposes and entertainment value.


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