Copenhagen – Cuisine

Denmark isn’t really known for its cuisine, but I sure ate a lot of good food there!

For lunch one day DIS provided the famous open-face sandwiches, which were very pretty. I wish I would have taken pictures, but I didn’t. I tried 2 different kinds, and one was very tasty, but one had liver pate hidden underneath a slice of ham. I did not like that. Yuck.I think that one was called Veterinarian’s Treat or something– well, the dog would have liked it.

We also went to a traditional Danish restaurant one night. I had cabbage, very salty meatballs, and yellow potatoes. It was pretty good, but not terribly interesting, and it was very salty. I liked the potatoes the best.

But like I said, I did have some very yummy food in Copenhagen. One of my great food experiences was at this place:

Yummmmm! Tapas. On the left is squash, then beets, which I usually hate but this was really good, then scallop, then beef then some kind of ham, I think, with bleu cheese. I ate everything, and there was also lots of wine. Apparently Christel, the woman who planned the workshop, was afraid that “small plates” would not be enough food. Uh yeah, there was totally enough food–I was soooooo full!


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