Copenhagen for Introverts

The Danes are awesome too. They have a great, sarcastic sense of humor (but not mean sarcastic, just dry). They are helpful and kind and approachable, but not invasive or overbearing. In fact, Denmark is very introvert-friendly! The Danish Language & Culture teacher at DIS gave workshop participants a little Danish language lesson and overview of the culture, and she showed a 60 Minutes piece on the fact that Denmark is consistently rated the happiest nation in the world:

In this video, one guy says “it’s considered a right by Danish people not to be talked to.”  He says if you’re sitting in the window seat on a bus, and your stop is coming up, you don’t say, “Excuse me, I’d like to get off”; instead, you start rattling your bags and moving around so the person next to you will get the hint and get up without you having to talk to them. HA! I loved that – I totally do the same thing on the bus!

It’s not that the Danes are unfriendly – quite the opposite, actually. They are very kind and personable… just not as apt to talk to people they don’t know unless they have a good reason. I think I’m the same way. I shoulda been born a Dane…

I’ll post more about my adventures later, and more about my impressions of Denmark and the Danes (they are all quite positive).


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