Denmark Trip! – Pre-Departure

I’m leaving for Denmark on Sunday! I am going for an international educator’s training workshop at a study abroad organization we work with, the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. I was supposed to go in April, but because of a certain volcano that decided to spew ash all over the European skies about 2 days before I was supposed to depart, the trip was canceled. I’m thankful that I got stuck at home rather than abroad, but I’m really excited to finally get to make the trip!

It should be a lot of fun. Of course I’ll be working, but the workshop contains a lot of fun stuff in addition to the work stuff. Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to the most:

-Danish lesson! I love languages, and I’m excited to learn some “survival Danish” (although from what I hear the Danes speak excellent English, so I’d probably still survive with out it.  )

-Field study in Nordic Mythology, which means I get to go with the students to visit the Arnamagnean Institute within the Department of Scandinavian Research at the U of Copenhagen, where we’ll get to view the manuscript collection on Medieval vellum, and paper originals of the Icelandic sagas and Eddic poetry.

-Attend classes on Positive Psychology, Muslims in the West, and Human Trafficking in Europe (will be good, as I’m in the middle of reading The Girl Who Played with Fire, which deals exactly with that subject!)

-Visit to the old city of Roskilde, including visit to the Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum. SO excited for this!! I really like ships, so going to the Viking Ship Museum will be awesome!

-Visit to a folkehøjskole, which is a specific educational institution for young Danes between the ages of 19-25. The Danish students live at the school and participate in a wide spectrum of courses and extracurricular activities. The idea is to ‘educate for life’, and Danish students attending a folkehøjskole do not take any exams nor receive grades or credits. Our students don’t take courses there, but they can live there and be part of the social life there.

-Concluding banquet at Kronborg castle, otherwise known as the Hamlet castle. Wheeee!


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