Unkind Radio DJs

Lately, the radio show I typically listen to on the way to work has been really cheesing me off.

It all started the other day. They have this bit where people can call in and the DJs will weigh in/ask listeners to weigh in on a problem the caller is having. So the other day, the caller’s problem was this:

She’d gone on a few dates with this guy, she really liked him, and the night before they’d been making out and heading in the direction of getting intimate for the first time. All of a sudden, the guy stopped and said he had to tell her something. The something he had to tell her was that he has a vestigial tail. She said even though she really liked this guy, the tail was a deal-breaker.

WTF? You really like someone and you can’t overlook the fact that they have a small (3-4 in.) vestigial tail? I think it’s sort of cool, actually! She could have at least given it a chance. But she sounded like a shallow b*itch anyway (incidentally, she had the same first name as me– that ticked me right off!). The thing that really got me is that the radio DJs were right behind her. “Oh yeah, that’s a total deal breaker” and making fun of the guy and everything. Granted, most people get those removed at birth, and one wonders why this guy’s parents didn’t have that done, but is it really THAT big of a deal? And what if the guy had been MISSING a limb, instead of having an extra one? Would they have still made fun of him? I don’t think so. UGH, shallow people!

So then the next day, they were doing “Treywalking” (like Leno’s Jaywalking) where their producer, Trey, finds a random person on the street and asks them questions. So the guy he picked the other day was an 18-year old, and when Trey asked him what he did for fun, he said he played the cello. The DJs were like, “Ohhh, a cellist, I don’t know how he’s going to be,” in a kind of derogatory way, implying that he’s obviously a total geek for playing the cello. He did get all the answers wrong, but they were all things about sports and pop culture– I would have gotten them all wrong too! The DJs were totally making fun of him the whole time, saying things like, “He’s terrible!” and “He’s a geek!” Are those things REALLY that important to know? I’d have been more concerned if he didn’t know the name of our president or something like that, but what pop star just announced that she’s divorcing her husband? Who TF cares?? Good for the kid if he has better things to do than listen to celebrity gossip.


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