My Grandpa Just Died

We weren’t really close, because we’ve never lived close to my mom’s parents. But it’s still sad, of course. And to compound things, my parents were overseas and we weren’t able to reach of my mom to tell her that her father had died. My parents didn’t leave any emergency contact with me, and they were checking email very sporadically (they checked Saturday morning; he died Saturday night) and of course their phones didn’t work abroad. My aunt and cousins kept bugging me to try and get in touch with my parents so they could make funeral arrangements, but there was literally nothing else I could do – they didn’t leave contact information with me! What was I supposed to do, hack into their computer and find out where they were? Well, I guess I could have driven over to their house and tried to find info on their computer, but it may not even have been there, and I had my own stuff to take care of (getting ready for a class presentation today, getting ready to leave for Denmark on Sunday) and really didn’t have time to drive out there.

I finally was able to talk to my mom yesterday (when they returned from overseas). She was upset– she knew it was coming, but she didn’t expect it to be so soon– obviously, or they’d have left contact info or been sure to check email more often.

The viewing and funeral are planned for Friday and Saturday in the boondocks of south-central Florida. I would like to go to be there for my mom, but I leave on Sunday for Denmark, and I have work obligations on Friday that I can’t get out of, so I just can’t make it. My mom is okay with that, but I still wish I could be there for her.


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