Class Presentation on Physics!

And a long-winded brain dump about my degree plan and biological clock

The class I’m taking right now is called Chaos and Complexity. It’s a Liberal Studies seminar, which means that is in interdisciplinary in nature. In order to complete my Master of Liberal Studies (individually-designed, interdisciplinary) degree in May, I needed to take a 3-credit Liberal Studies seminar this semester so I can take the Final Project class in the Spring. I normally wouldn’t have taken a course called Chaos and Complexity, given that I have no background in physics, I hate math, and it’s not very applicable to my focus area, which is Language & Identity. But the only other 3-credit seminars offered this semester were even less applicable and sounded even more boring– one was a Nonprofit Arts Management course and I think the other one was called The Heritage of Hope or something like that. I’m an NF and that sounded too Feelery even for me!!

So I’m taking Chaos and Complexity. Really, it is fairly applicable to my degree, because once we get past the hard-science, physics-based theories, we will be applying them to the social sciences and humanities. That will be no problem for me, and I do grasp the overall concepts, but the book I had to read last week was very hard science and I felt quite in-over-my-head while reading it.


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