Fest 2010: Closing Weekend

Well, Fest is over for another year. It’s always bittersweet – on the one hand, it is sad to leave my friends and the magical realm behind for 10 months, but on the other hand, it is nice to have free time on the weekends to sleep in, relax, and get homework and housework done!!

Here’s a recap of closing weekend:

It was the High Seas Adventure (aka pirate) weekend, so there were a lot of pirates running around. Some of them were very bad pirates, like the Halloween costumes you can buy at Target. Oh well.

Saturday was fun because my husband was out with me all day. We had to leave super early, because the river was flooded and Highway 41 was closed due to the flooding. The Festival grounds are off of 41, and so is my parents’ house, where I stay on Festival weekends. So instead of a 15 minute drive straight down 41, we had to take a 35-40 minute detour. Ick. We were late for cast call, but made it before it was over, at least!

It was also very coooold! I had on long underwear under my normal clothes and my new, warm wool-fleece and flannel cloak that I made a couple of weeks ago, as well as a scarf, stocking cap and gloves. My husband didn’t think he’d get too cold, but I brought his gloves, an earband, and my old, not-as warm cloak for him all the same. He wore them all for most of the day.


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