Fest 2010: Fifth Weekend

Another great weekend…. this truly has probably been my best year at Fest ever.

This weekend I only went out on Sunday. I wasn’t feeling great on Friday night, and just as I was headed out to spend the night at my parents’ (who live close to Fest), the director of our troupe called and asked if I could perform on Sunday instead of Saturday because we were short musicians. That actually worked well since I wasn’t feeling great anyway – gave me more time to rest up so I didn’t succumb to the Fest Crud, and also to sew my new, warmer cloak.

Sunday ended up being warmer than expected, so I didn’t really even need the cloak, but still I was glad I had it. The morning was busy as usual. After post-parade I went to look at men’s shirts – I figured they’d be about $20 each, not much more expensive than making one, and I wanted to buy a red one for my husband for when he comes out again in a couple of weeks. Turns out they are AT LEAST $35 – no thanks! I’ll make him one, if I have time. If not, he can just wear his white or black one again.

I went for a stroll in the Enchanted Forest and took a few pics, then watched Four Pints Shy at 1:30 as usual. Chatted with the guitarist for a few minutes afterwards. During the show, a fellow pirate saw me from afar and waved… we always see each other and wave, but we’ve never actually spoken. I should rectify that situation before the end of the run. Actually he parked next to me Sunday morning too – I wonder if he’s a commuter? Most people camp so sometimes I feel a bit left out, but not left out enough to trade sleeping in a warm bed at my parents’ house for a cold, hard bed surrounded by bugs and drunk people in the campground!! But it’s always nice to meet fellow commuters.


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