Busy Week; or, Too Much E Time

I’m feeling very tired and kind of stressed and cranky today. I went to bed early last night – lights out by 10! – and slept fairly well, but I’m just exhausted. It’s because I haven’t had any down time this week, except a little bit on Monday evening.

Tuesday I had dinner with my girlfriends, which was fun, Wednesday I had class, and then last night we went to a birthday party and were supposed to go to my husband’s friend’s stand-up comedy show afterwards. My husband ended up taking me home before he went to the comedy show, though, because I was so tired and his friend wasn’t on until late.

Aside from class and the social stuff in the evenings, I had 3 solid hours of advising yesterday at work, and I have another 3 solid hours today, not to mention all week I’ve been worrying about the mold in the basement and finishing my warm cloak for Fest this weekend. I have to try to do that tonight at my parents’, because my sewing machine broke.  Ugh!!

I really want to go to Fest on Sunday as well, just to play and take come photos, but I think I need to take the day to get some alone time and also to work on getting rid of that mold.


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