Fest 2010: 4th Weekend

This weekend I only attended on Saturday. I really wanted to go out Sunday, especially given that the weather was gorgeous, and next weekend is supposed to be cold and rainy, but I just had too much to do (rid basement of mold, sew cloak, read for class, etc). Sadly I didn’t even get those things done – the mold project was too overwhelming and I didn’t even start, and my sewing machine crapped up after I sewed about an inch of my cloak, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it! ☹ I did get it cut out though.

But Saturday was a good day. It was busy, as we were scheduled for an extra show, and a bit difficult because our shows, except for the 9:30am one, were moved to Bad Manor Green instead of the Bear Stage. This was actually good in some ways, because we had a ready-made audience of all the people sitting in front of Ye Olde Saloon to eat, but it’s a pretty high-traffic area, so it was sometimes hard to concentrate, and also I had to try to play even louder then normal. That, combined with the wind, which is difficult for flute players, lead to a bit more physically taxing day than usual, but it wasn’t too bad.

During our one long break (12:30-2:15), I watched Four Pints Shy at Folkstone Pub while eating lunch. About halfway through lunch, I noticed that there was a dead baby mouse on the bench next to me. Appetizing! During the short break between our 3:30 and 5 shows, I caught a few more minutes of Four Pints Shy and did some general wandering about.


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