Fest 2010: Second Weekend

Well, second Saturday, I should say. This weekend I was not able to be out today (Sunday) at all, because my husband ran/biked a duathlon today, and of course I wanted to watch him.  Also it was suuuuuper hot today (again!!) so it probably wouldn’t have been very pleasant to be at Fest today. It was hot enough yesterday, but still way better than last weekend.

My parents came out at about 2pm on Saturday, so they got the chance to watch our 2:45 show, and took a few pics for me. Then I walked around with them for a bit, and we listened to a group called Orkestar Bez Ime and then a little tiny bit of Four Pints Shy before I had to call for our 5:00 show. Four Pints Shy is my favorite Fest band. We even hired them to play at our wedding reception.  So I like to listen to them whenever I get a chance…. unfortunately, they only have one showtime a day that doesn’t overlap with our showtimes at all. I’ll have to catch them on a couple of Sundays, when I am not committed to any shows.


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