Fest 2010: Opening Day!

Wow, today was a great day! It was HOT and I am exhausted, but I had a ton of fun. I relate so much better to musicians than I do to people who sell beer or chocolate. And the easier I can make it for myself to relate to someone, the better.

I stayed at my folks’ last night because I live over an hour from the Fest site and they live about 15 minutes from it. My parents’ neighbors’ grandson (he’s 16, I think) works out at Fest too, and he stays at their place, so I gave him a lift in. Nice kid. It was fun to chat with him a bit, and carpooling is good. He might have to be my Saturday morning carpool buddy.  Parking was a bit of a cluster-F, as is typical on opening day… but oh well. It all worked out.

Our morning shows went really well (especially first show), and morning court dance went well too, except that the court no longer participates in court dance… so morning and evening court are basically our 5th and 6th shows. Ick! Oh well, at least we get to play different music for that.

After our 11:00 show, I went over to Mac’s pub and talked to the Bloodwake pirates for awhile, then met up with a couple of R/Fers I hadn’t seen in person in awhile. Drank some coffee (found out that Tillie’s isn’t there this year…. WTF? They had really yummy coffee!). Then went to see a Four Pints Shy show and saw my friend C there, so chatted with him for awhile. Had great fun at Four Pints Shy’s show…. they’re so great. They played at our wedding reception so they’ll always have a special place in my heart!

Then we had our 2:45 show, and after that I visited some more R/Fers who work at one of the shoe merchants. Then back for part of Four Pints Shy’s last show and then our last show, evening court, and closing gate. A very busy but fun day.

So tired now. I might go out tomorrow just for a couple of shows, but then again, I might just stay home and have some alone time. Might depend on the heat….

A few pics:


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